QA & Testing


At Dhrivasoft Technologies, our exceptional QA work has paved the way for years of quality service that renders our clients top-notch products. Our achievements motivate us to help our clients get their products on the shelves as fast as possible, reducing the chance of error or costly remanufacturing altogether.We have a vast team of expert QA testers with extensive experience in QA and test automation strategies implemented. They help deliver cohesive automation framework using reusable automated tests which significantly reduce your time to market.We always seek to give you an extra edge online by following an agenda of perfection across all offerings for digital media content including marketing campaign management and promotion, domain hosting, e-commerce website development and business promotion in PPC platforms like Google Adwords & Analytics.

Our QA team is composed of experts with and uses the latest tools to test.

Their training and awareness are up-to-date and thus they deliver top-quality work using tried and tested methods. We have a collaborative and dynamic approach to testing that is adaptive to changing trends in the industry ensuring your project will be delivered on time.

Our QA testers are highly trained, and know how to use the latest tools and technologies to withstand the test of time. They stay on top of current trends in order to provide high-quality services. In addition to quality testing, we also pay attention to manage schedules effectively for our clients. One unique thing about us is that we are flexible when it comes to our methodologies and engagement models with you. You can easily avail our services as per your specific needs and expect full flexibility in engagements with us.

We excel at creating a highly adept Quality Assurance team that’s in tune with the latest trends in the industry. We’ve got a very wide skill range in numerous testing tools, which guarantees our teams success on any project given to them.

With our core competency in Quality Assurance, we’re able to ensure that:

 – Your current processes are evaluated appropriately 

– Specific goals for your company’s everyday operations are established 

– You therefore have a QA Manager who with existing technology can achieve them 

– experienced professionals are hired to accomplish this.