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6 Test Automation Techniques and Tools to Watch in 2022

Test automation has transformed the process of software testing in many ways and has been beneficial for QA organizations. To make full use of these benefits, however, these organizations need to start using smarter tools which only a few companies are doing according to various surveys.

Smart tools refer to software testing tools that are based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This creates a smart space which is most likely to help companies accelerate product delivery enormously.

In this post, we discuss a few automation testing techniques enterprises must take up in 2022.

Top Test Automation Tools and Techniques for QA Organizations

Here are a few things your QA team must know about software testing tools:

Use of Smart Testing Tools Will Rise

It was predicted for a long time that the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is bound to make test automation easier than ever. This claim was backed by several QA experts and industry leaders. While some of the benefits of AI and ML are evident, expectations continue to increase along with the adoption of these technologies,

The reason for this is that increased use of these techs is likely to increase cost-efficiency and significantly reduce the amount of manual testing carried out. It will also reduce the time to market and help generate continuous improvements in the process.

Some of the other benefits of using smart tools include an increase in test coverage, reducing test creation time, and reducing test maintenance efforts in the overall QA process.

The Rise of JavaScript-Based Tools

JavaScript-based tools were a huge trend in 2021 and the rate of success organizations received will be the reason that it continues in 2022. According to leading QA experts, JavaScript-based testing tools like Jest, Cypress, and Puppeteer are likely to be used more than other tools.

One of the main reasons for this is the frequent use of JavaScript for front-end development. As the code is written in JavaScript, testing it with JavaScript-based tools helps testers achieve accurate results.

Apart from this, another factor that demands the use of JavaScript-based tools is the integration of application and testing code. These tools can also be used to fill in gaps during unit testing and integration testing processes.

The Use of Cypress Will Expand

Cypress is a popular end-to-end JavaScript-based testing tool frequently used for browser-based applications. It is growing at a swift rate because JavaScript has more users than any other programming language.

A major benefit that Cypress offers is its feature set. It involves browser automation, API automation, and component testing for web applications. Other tools like Selenium and Puppeteer can be used for browser-based front-end automation testing.

This means Cypress is the ideal tool to carry out component testing and API automation without any hindrances.

The Increasing Demand for API Testing

As most of the data-sharing these days happen through APIs on IoT devices, API testing becomes very crucial. Carrying out API testing on IoT-enabled devices to ensure these devices are secure and functioning as per requirement.

NLP-Based Automation Tools

In recent times, the QA community has shown the willingness to use NLP-based automation tools. These tools are known to offer several benefits like script-less automation, the use of regular English statements to create scripts, and model-based testing.

NLP-based automation tools do not have a wide learning curve that allows various stakeholders to take part in automation testing. Several leading QA experts believe that these tools will play a pivotal role in the future of software testing processes.

These types of automation tools hold promising capabilities and will bring out possibilities like self-healing capabilities.

More Emphasis on Skill Compared to Tools

In 2021, there were several tools available on the market which is all set to continue in 2022. However, this trend is more concerned with people enhancing their skills to be more marketable. In any case, skilled testers are always required to make proper use of the best tools in the QA domain.

This is most likely to help QA teams oversee the testing process in a better way compared to when they had less skilled individuals.

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