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5 Important Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are arguably one of the most powerful trends in mobile and web application development currently. The technology behind these applications was created and launched by Google in the year 2017.

From then to now, PWA’s have gained great traction and are now considered bright in the web and mobile app development domain. In this post, we will discuss how Progressive Web Applications benefit to a business.

However, before getting into the benefits, let us understand a few things about PWAs.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications are websites that behave similarly to how a mobile app should. Users can conveniently add it to the main screen of their smartphones too. These apps comprise the push notifications feature that helps them access the hardware of the mobile device.

Popularity and Future of PWAs

According to statistics, PWAs have been very popular among millennial users. Leading industry surveys have mapped out projections which predict PWAs to replace more than 65% of mobile applications by the end of 2023.

Several data-driven business applications that do not need to be native apps will be launched as PWAs. The perfect example of this would be Business-to-Employee apps. From a business perspective, building native applications are not necessary if the business requirement demands a PWA.

The fact that users are shying away from keeping many applications on their devices is going to prompt businesses to launch PWAs as they also significantly reduce development cost.

Benefits of PWA Apps

Here are a few important benefits of PWA apps to businesses:

Availability in the Offline Mode

When the internet connection is limited or inconsistent, native websites do not display content properly. Mobile apps were introduced as a solution to this long-standing issue. They are self-contained in nature and users can access them even when not online.

PWAs also offer availability in offline mode which makes it a better option compared to native web apps.

PWAs are Mobile

Progressive Web Apps are mostly designed like mobile apps. The crucial difference is that they provide major advantages of website functionalities like dynamic data and database access.

Most of the PWAs benefit from existing frameworks and the UI that allows superior user experiences compared to websites. Despite this, PWAs work like websites and can be indexed by search engines and help in boosting their presence in the market.

Easy to Install

PWAs can be downloaded conveniently by users directly on their devices from a website. These apps get their own icons on phones and tablets reminiscent of a mobile app. You can also list them in the Google Play Store for a stronger online presence.

No App Store Submission

If a company launches or creates a PWA, it is not important that they publish it on app stores. This means businesses can now evade going through this tedious process.

Business enterprises can also push for new updates without waiting for approvals. Application updates are automatically downloaded when the app is launched again.

Use of Hardware Features

Progressive Web Applications allow the implementation of various mobile features such as push notifications, multiple login options, etc. The positive for businesses here is that developers have decent control over the implementation.

This creates the chance to offer new marketing and sales channels to organizations. PWAs can fully utilize the advantages of various hardware features on mobile devices like cameras, speakers, geolocation, and more.

How PWA Apps are Beneficial to Desktop Users?

Like any native desktop application, Progressive Web Apps can also be installed on desktops. They offer various benefits to desktop users. One of the main benefits is that they are smaller in comparison to native applications.

They can also be easily updated in the background which means there is seldom a need to prompt users and update the applications. PWAs are easy to install on desktops and are highly reliable.

Popular PWAs

PWAs are already finding ground on the web application map and will very soon be the next big thing in the industry. Here are some of the most popular Progressive Web Applications in the market today.

  • YouTube Music
  • Trivago Booking
  • Pinterest
  • Tinder
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  •  Uber

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